Summer Vacation Day 1

Holy summer time. That is not really the S word I want to use. It's day 1. 

My underwater camera is permanently underwater-30 or so feet underwater.

We burst an ear drum and the recent broken bone needed re-molding (?) today due to a blue thumb (apparently NOT a good sign)...all before 9am.  Because we had been at 7 am swim team practice (really kicking myself on that specific decision) Lucy was still in pjs and didn't have shoes on and the rest of the ladies were either comando or soggy in their bathing suits, basically we were a HOT mess.

So by the time 3pm rolled around and I realized the end was NO WHERE in sight, we headed outside...

Addy fell, Millie said summer was too hot, Lucy explained she couldn't wear shoes because her feet are just TOO big and therefore she couldn't ride the scooter she HAD to bring, and Tatum's flip flop broke mid scoot.  Then feelings were hurt because someone's injury was not taken as seriously as someone else's and it all just became too ridiculous and we were all laughing.  

The gaggle of girls arguing and simultaneously laughing on the corner this afternoon as the skies got darker and darker was us.  It was kind of awesome. I felt like we literally brought the storm to our doorstep.  The energy was palpable.  The first lighting lit up the sky as we ran up the porch. 

I'm pretty pumped to see what day 2 has in store:)