I love everything about photography.  Capturing a split second memory in time is magical to me.  

My work is inspired by my own children who continually teach me that the little moments and details in every day are what make life meaningful. 

When our first daughter was born, I wanted to catch every moment but found myself missing things because the room wasn't just so or she didn't have a bow in her hair....fast forward 7 years and I have realized I don't care!! The real, genuine, raw emotions are SO. MUCH. BETTER.  We have all embraced this crazy beautiful mess of a life we have and I have found that in documenting it I have learned to LIVE in it, savor it, and laugh here and there along the way.  

I want to document your every day, the ordinary spectacular that is your life.  The way your child loves a special toy, or doesn't like something, or the way he is outgrowing his pants...The little details that slip by, but leave a special place in your heart.  

I want to connect with your family to find things that are meaningful to you and then step back, watch, and tell your story through my lens.  With every story I tell, I hope to give your family something to hold onto for a long time.  So inevitably, when you find yourself years down the road wondering how they grew up so fast, wishing you could go back in time-you can.