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So many amazing colors coming out this Fall! 

This is 40.

We brought Mil home on JG's 30th birthday.

She just turned 10.

Here's to learning new tricks, laughing until you cry and seeing things from new perspectives at 40 JG.

Mother's Day Weekend

“I struggle with enormous discrepancies: between the reality of motherhood and the image of it, between my love for my home and the need to travel, between the varied and seductive paths of the heart. The lessons of impermanance, the occasional despair and the muse, so tenuously moored, all visit their needs upon me and I dig deeply for the spiritual utilities that restore me”
― Sally Mann


And when you don't feel like singing

and you don't feel like laughing,

there will still be rhythms to breathe to-Morgan Harper Nichols



It is the first day of spring.

These images are from a summer when everything felt up in the air

a season of loss

a season of unrest

a season of blind faith-

that everything would be OK.

On the first day of spring with impending snow, it feels right to delve into this untouched and unedited batch of raw files from the summer. 

Seasons change,

everything is OK.



Just keep swimming...

I'm going back to work this year.

Millie is going to a new school this year.

The twins are starting first grade this year.  

John is going to work for another company this year.

Lucy learned how to swim this summer and it reminded all of us to just keep swimming...

...and NOT to forget to take a breath every once in a while.


There is just something about summer nights in August that are so bittersweet. August is sticky door handles, never ending requests for snacks and damp bathing suit pieces littering the kitchen floor.  August is summer coming to an end, babies growing another year older, days getting a little shorter, patience running a tad bit thinner, and the beginning of school jitters.

Editing these pictures for this sweet family I found myself nostalgic for my own family just a couple years ago when my youngest was their youngest's age.  Such a whirlwind life is.  I love spending time with families in their element documenting the story of them where they are.

Because life keeps moving.  The babies grow and they outgrow the little chairs.  

The slow and often mundane August nights will eventually turn into a crisp scheduled fall routine...




Summer Vacation Day 1

Holy summer time. That is not really the S word I want to use. It's day 1. 

My underwater camera is permanently underwater-30 or so feet underwater.

We burst an ear drum and the recent broken bone needed re-molding (?) today due to a blue thumb (apparently NOT a good sign)...all before 9am.  Because we had been at 7 am swim team practice (really kicking myself on that specific decision) Lucy was still in pjs and didn't have shoes on and the rest of the ladies were either comando or soggy in their bathing suits, basically we were a HOT mess.

So by the time 3pm rolled around and I realized the end was NO WHERE in sight, we headed outside...

Addy fell, Millie said summer was too hot, Lucy explained she couldn't wear shoes because her feet are just TOO big and therefore she couldn't ride the scooter she HAD to bring, and Tatum's flip flop broke mid scoot.  Then feelings were hurt because someone's injury was not taken as seriously as someone else's and it all just became too ridiculous and we were all laughing.  

The gaggle of girls arguing and simultaneously laughing on the corner this afternoon as the skies got darker and darker was us.  It was kind of awesome. I felt like we literally brought the storm to our doorstep.  The energy was palpable.  The first lighting lit up the sky as we ran up the porch. 

I'm pretty pumped to see what day 2 has in store:)

Ice cream for the win

Oldest to youngest, (parents and kids) we come here to feel our feelings.

And when you tumble off the boat into the water head first hitting your head on the dock on your way in, your parents thank their lucky stars you have a hard head.

And when you explain the only thing that will make it better is cotton candy ice cream and ordering first before ALL of your sisters, we know you will be OK. 

And when the sky turns pink and the moon is orange on the ride back to the house after ice cream everything feels at peace.

Time to hire a professional

Sometimes I think I need a picture of all four of my ladies sitting and smiling at the camera. Sometimes I think I need to be in the pictures more too.

Sometimes I think too much.

Sometimes, just sometimes I look at these goobers and realize that this right here is exactly what I will forget and will want to remember 5, 10, 15 years down the road...

...that when I asked and begged them to let me get one picture of them with everyone looking at me these were the closest thing I got. Because this is my story. These are my people.


A love letter from a better day...

We had a rough morning over here.  A crying in the preschool parking lot kind of morning (me, not my 3 year old).  I needed a good pause.  To rewind to no schedules, more smiles, and sunshine.  Parenting is hard.  But then I remember being a kid is hard too.  


But this day was easy and summer is coming.  We are ready over here.