Picture of the day

Sometimes the "picture of the day" isn't pretty. Sometimes it's me screaming in the middle of a store (with a large audience) "I don't care what KIND of candy it is, if you found it on the BATHROOM FLOOR, you need to go back into the bathroom and spit. it. out." 

And then 2 hours later when everyone is asleep because there was no pool playdate due to the fact that SOMEONE (no names, it's all anonymous) threw a doll at my head while driving home from said store (I'm assuming because of distress over the poor candy hygiene decision) and I had to stop the car and GET OUT to count to 10 for MYSELF and the dentist calls to make sure I had all the necessary paper work for the cavity fill tomorrow....and our pediatrician couldn't fit us in at 5pm (because I obviously did NOT have any of the necessary paper work) so I spend $100 at Kidmed for basically a height and weight check, I sit down to my computer only to realize there is no picture I would like to share of the day. I didn't have my camera today. But I did have it all weekend, so I went through some of those pictures and had to giggle to myself at the irony of this. I will put up a beautiful picture when it was a not so beautiful day.  A photographer I love has often said photography is her therapist and I love that.  All of my pictures have a story that I am instantly reminded of when I look at them.  

I found this picture and it instantly put me back on the boat Friday night.  And slowly as I looked through and edited pictures of the weekend I felt better. Or at least I felt less likely to box up everyones toys so I couldn't get hit in the head with a doll while driving.